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i really dug this, thank you.

Haha glad to hear it! and appreciate it very much! It's not easy being a poor boy, but every so often I get a nice comment like this that encourages me to keep going and keep dreaming of being a game artist/dev! Thank you!

How do i find the last blue shape??? Is it the music thing and if so thats way to hard cause im kinda tone deaf

haha sorry! We originally had it the same sounds as the organ but then changed it to be more crystal-like sounds and yea seems it does throw some people off for sure.. so we will probably change/fix that eventually. 

Music puzzle solution: if you are facing the organ play the crystal to the right, - then play the middle crystal behind you - then play the crystal to the left of the organ (while facing it) - then play the crystal directly behind you - and then the crystal that is directly across from the first one you hit.. (if you cant make sense of this then... go to 8:08'ish in the vid and tada!) 

after the first time i did the music part the game crashed

This is very cool! The visuals really bring back to mind Moebius' 'ligne claire' style. Great atmosphere, nice puzzles for a game jam entry. I'm definitely looking forward to playing more from you guys!

Thanks a bunch! Yup, we were definitely going for a Moebius/ligne claire style so glad to hear you say that. We hope to keep working on the game so hopefully you'll have more to play eventually!