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Art Pack: Alien Laboratory Escape!

Contains: 216 ART FILES!

You my friends have the ability to rake in the million-zillions by using this art pack! My only wish is that you'd credit me as the game's artist: Brian Callahan - @futuristteletex

Description: A top down game art pack featuring an alien player character escaping from an alien testing laboratory.

You could make a full game out of the art assets provided in this art pack as you see fit! In fact that's what was supposed to happen, but its now been 2+ years & it's been long enough now where I feel comfortable that the effort I put into these assets might be of use to others & maybe make me some money at the same time & you too! ;).

Why not just turn this into a game yourself you ask? It's definitely unfortunate, but I do not have the programming ability to turn it into a game on my own.

Originally this game was going to be a sort of stealthy escape the lab avoid/kill enemies starring an Alien main character, but it would be very easy to adapt the art included into a different style gameplay all together. In fact i'd really rather prefer if you did something different with it.. but hey...do what thou wilt.

Included: 216 Art Files (& thats not counting images in tilesheets too!)

One Playable Alien Character w/ acid attack & clone ability
- Fully animated 8-Directional Movement
- Animated mouth for spitting out acid!
- Acid Attack animation - green goo projectile anyone?!
- Clone Ability animation

Art Assets for the Game's Main Menu/In-Game Menu & etc..
- A SFX button and a Music on/off button!
- 2 dialog boxes for ingame dialog or ingame messages
- A cool map icon
- A pause icon
- Spacebar graphic showing the player how to attack.
- ETC...

A few in-game items: - Such as keycards & powerups that look like pretty typical game potions.

Art for a HUD: based on the current Alien Player Character's Attack/Ability.

Visual Fx: - Such as blood, player attack/ability, teleporter fx.. etc..

Five Enemy Types & One Big Mutha-Effin Boss!:
- 2 animated enemy types including a levitating robot and a spider-like robot.
- 3 static enemy types.. 2 turrets & another neat levitating robot.
- A Boss Enemy that's dang big & has a super gory death animation!
- Another alien & a camera could also be enemies.

Kind Of a lot of Level Props:
Dead aliens, tables, surgical tools, test tubes, blood puddles, barrels, crates, doors & whole lot of other level filling objects!

3 level tilesets (on the smaller side, but still look nice!)


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