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A retro/vintage/classic cartoon style typeface! 

Maybe you just can't get enough Ubb Iwerks toons... oh? whats that? you just can't stop playing that indie game?? whats it called? bendy and the ink machine? no? oh cuphead... my mistake sorry.. oh?? both? Again..  i apologize.. 

Whatever the reason...HERE'S A COOL CLASSIC CARTOON STYLE TYPEFACE! Buy it now! Make a cool game ( i sure cant) or use it for an amazing illustration or cartoon..(i sure cant again..but you know what i did do? i made this typeface)

Hey.. uhh you could join my patreon and get this typeface and a bunch of other crap for cheaper... and you know keep getting stuff monthly too.. that would be cool?https://www.patreon.com/ghostlygurustudios

NOTE: It's only an uppercase typeface..as in... lower case is the same as upper case.. the only other things included for now.. are exclamation point, period and a question mark... I'll probably add numbers eventually too.. and some other symbols.. . .& yes the spacing/kerning prob could use additional tweakage.. but it works!.. ALSO NOTE YOU CAN USE THIS HOWEVER YOU DANG WELL PLEASE.. (AS IN COMMERCIAL LICENSE INCLUDED..)


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Kingofcartoons.ttf 10 kB


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So payments should work now again who ever just tried to buy this but couldnt.. 

hello! possible to add more languages on request? e.g. Greek and Russian. Pls contact us!

I'll try to get to it soon if i can.. main issue is that i am pretty sure i haven't even sold one copy of this typeface.. so spending more time on it not exactly a top priority.

Then we are the first to buy it lol ;)

We are willing to discuss some extra payment for this task if you want.