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Route Nowhere is a very short about 15 min?, previously free and now free again.. short point and click adventure game.. did i mention it's short? i did? yea its short.. that takes place somewhere out there along the roads of a fictional version of the southwestern United States. The game revolves around a hitchhiker who has set out on a road trip across the United States heading west.Encounter strange characters, solve puzzles and visit interesting locations.. including roadside attractions you'd come to expect from a game based off of Route 66. Eventually the hitchhiker ends up in a strange town where a lot of weird and bizarre things are happening and soon finds himself trying to discover why the sun never rises in this small town..

Thanks for taking a look!

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Brian Callahan: @FuturistTeletex

If you wanna learn a bit more about the game you can read this wall of text below!

Route Nowhere was originally created for #adventurejam under the name The Endless Night - Prelude

Additional Story background: The protagonist of the story has lived his entire life on the East Coast.. Suddenly finding himself compelled to hitchhike across the United States he starts off on his journey and finds himself traveling across an old roadway in the southwestern U.S which has now become obsolete due to a new interstate. As he hitchhikes his way across the southwestern states.. he soon finds himself stranded in a strange desert town where many odd and mysterious things are happening to its inhabitants and the surrounding area..

The game takes a lot of inspiration from old adventure game classics, movies, and pop-culture,.. including shows such as The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Route 66 etc...

Music composed by the band:
ANTA - http://music.anta.org.uk
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Great little game so far. Amusingly your game is called "Route Nowhere" and mine is called "Road To Nowhere". Hahaha.  Amusing

I'm stuck at the screen with Mr Frisby's rest stop and it won't let me walk any further. Not sure if I missed a step or if this is a glitch. I'm on a Mac btw.

You need to buy a soda.. you get a free pen & then you need something to write on..... bingo bango you get a ride.. bingo bango end of game-o

i'm having the same issue. using a mac as well. i bought the soda and got the pen, but i can't get past frisby's. i have the id too, so idk what i missed.

I'm having the same issue!

That's a shame, I'd definitely check it out if it were free. Maybe sometime in the future.

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yea i will probably make it free again in the future at some point.. was free for a long long while and figured id do a test run to see what happened if i had it up for sale... $1 or .50 cents not exactly gonna break the bank or do much of anything for me, but understand that a 10-15 min game might not be worth that to some people. there was a sale on all my stuff but it just ended today.


free again my friends

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just bought it! it's really guud.


thanks! appreciate you checking it out and buying it! 


I see alien must play