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I'm stuck at the screen with Mr Frisby's rest stop and it won't let me walk any further. Not sure if I missed a step or if this is a glitch. I'm on a Mac btw.

You need to buy a soda.. you get a free pen & then you need something to write on..... bingo bango you get a ride.. bingo bango end of game-o

That's a shame, I'd definitely check it out if it were free. Maybe sometime in the future.

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yea i will probably make it free again in the future at some point.. was free for a long long while and figured id do a test run to see what happened if i had it up for sale... $1 or .50 cents not exactly gonna break the bank or do much of anything for me, but understand that a 10-15 min game might not be worth that to some people. there was a sale on all my stuff but it just ended today.

free again my friends

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just bought it! it's really guud.


thanks! appreciate you checking it out and buying it! 


I see alien must play