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[ NOTE: I might delete this old prototype off of here soon since I no longer think its an accurate portrayal of how the game stands now. I may re-release this prototype spiffed up, or I might make it part of a backer reward if/when we do a kickstarter. It would be slightly longer / closer to how it would play out/look in the final game than this old prototype made with visionaire studio.. would be more of a demo I guess at that point. ]

The Endless Night is a 2d point and click adventure game that takes place somewhere out in a fictional version of the southwestern United States. The storyline of the game revolves around a hitchhiker who has set out on a road trip across the US. Encounter strange characters, solve puzzles and visit interesting locations.. including roadside attractions you'd come to expect from a game based off of Route 66.

This prototype is just a small taste of whats to come and was made for #adventurejam. I hope you really will consider donating since with your help I can continue to working on the full version of the game! Anyone that donates $10 or over I'll do my best to make sure you get a free copy of the full game when it comes out!

Thanks for checking it out! and donating? maybe? oh well...
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If you wanna learn a bit more about the game you can read this wall of text below!


What's this download exactly?
The Endless Night- Prelude was originally created for #adventurejam. The plan is that The Endless Night - Prelude is =free! OR! you can pay what you want if you are the generous type and want to help support the development of the full game. I suggest donating large sums of money in excess of a whopping $1... i know its a lot of money.. but.. .. REACH DEEP.. I could do a kickstarter, but really? i doubt anyone would support it.. so show me you care enough by donating a dollar.. or not.. who cares.. i am only a bubble boy who literally cannot go outside.. no seriously.. this is 100% TRUE.. don't believe me? Follow me on twitter.. you'll see! @futuristteletex

Basically this download.. The Endless Night - Prelude is a prototype or demo.. the full game is in development.. Anyways T.E.N - Prelude will be a short play session that's basically the introduction to the game.. This current download will be updated probably only once more.. and then thats it.. till the entire game comes out..

Additional Story background: The protagonist of the story has lived his entire life on the East Coast.. Suddenly finding himself compelled to hitchhike across the United States he starts off on his journey and finds himself traveling across an old roadway in the southwestern U.S which has now become obsolete due to a new interstate. As he hitchhikes his way across the southwestern states.. he soon finds himself stranded in a strange desert town where many odd and mysterious things are happening to its inhabitants and the surrounding area..

The game takes a lot of inspiration from old adventure game classics, movies, and pop-culture,.. including shows such as The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, Route 66 etc...

Some characters you'll be encountering in the full version of the game:
A guy with a singing dog!, Elvis impersonator!, Madmax look-a-like, Some guy based off of the actor Andy Devine, Six-foot tall rabbit that owns a bar, Cowboy!, Guy in a grey suit with a red bow-tie looking for his bicycle that was stolen!, Generic Man number 2...Generic Woman number 5.. A Love interest!, Government dude.. AND MANY MORE!

So what are you waiting for.. download it for free or donate some amount of money so I can keep developing the game into a full game that is totally amazing!

FEATURING Music composed by the band:
ANTA - http://music.anta.org.uk
Follow them on twitter @ANTAmusic and go buy their music!

This game is being created by Ghostly Guru Studios!
Follow me on twitter for updates: @futuristteletex

The Endless Night - dev blog! https://ghostlygurustudios.wordpress.com/portfolio/the-endless-night-dev-blog/


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